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Role of a Landscape Architect

The Landscape Architect is a designer of outdoor space. We bridge the gap between the engineering, planning and environmental aspects of a project by creating functional landscapes. A holistic approach is used to unify the natural, cultural and built environments present in a project. This is done via site analysis – involving mapping, public participation and subjective evaluation – which allows the architect to design people orientated spaces that are responsive to, and engage with, nature. The result is a sustainable, usable and resilient landscape, which inspire people to appreciate their surroundings, improving the health of our world.

Design phases:

Site analysis: The purpose of the baseline study is to develop an understanding of the site in the physical context, existing social, ecological and geological conditions and processes in the landscape as well as developing an understanding of the broader context in which the study area is located.

Concept The concept is our first vision for the project taking into consideration all of the information that we have learnt from the site analysis and client needs.

Design Principles: The design principles are concepts used to organise or arrange the structural elements of a design.

Sketch or Master Plan: The landscape masterplan addresses the conceptual treatment of outdoor spaces, integrating the natural and built environment. The masterplan  encompasses the entire design of the site and is directly informed from conclusions from previous studies.

Tender and Construction Phase: At this stage the design has been finalised and a set of accurate plans are produced. From these plans and details a bill of quantities is produced allowing for a contractor to do a cost for the implementation of the project.

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