Agodi Park and Gardens

Agodi Park and Gardens is situated in Ibadan, Oyo Province in Nigeria. Ibadan is the third largest city by population in Nigeria and also the third largest city geographically in Africa. Ibadan literary means between the savannah and the forest and it is on this interesting cusp  between the biomes that the park is located. Agodi Gardens contains an indigenous forest, zoo, a lake and tree plantations. Earthworks Landscape Architects is the lead consultant on the project with Engineers and Architects from Nigeria and South Africa on the team.

The garden is situated near the center of the sprawling Ibadan metropolis, near Oyo State Secretariat Complex. The park is surrounded by the bustling and sprawling metropolitan area, it stands out as a green lung in the surrounding urban landscape with great recreational potential.

About Project:

Our brief is to revive the park from its current dilapidated state and to construct the program, which includes a waterpark with slides and swimming pools, restaurants, an events hall, open areas for picnicking and reconstructing the zoo. Our concept is based on maximizing the contrast between the forest and savannah biomes and not cluttering the site with exotic aesthetic planting.

Swimming pool

One of the most prominent features of the Phase 1 development of Agodi Park and Gardens is the creation of a water park. Two water slides and three swimming pools are integrated into a large paved surface along with terraced, lawn picnicking areas, capable of accommodating over 1000 visitors at any one time. A smaller slide and shallow pool offers fun for younger children whilst the big slide and its plunge pool give adults and older children high-speed excitement. A large pool with a varying depth gives a wide range of people a chance to splash about in safety. The water park overlooks the grounds and the scenic views towards the lake, found within the Agodi Park and Gardens.

Phase 2 Vision Sketches:

Phase 2 of the Agodi Park and Gardens will focus on the development of the rest of the site, focusing on the creation of a shopping hub, promenade and events hall at the lake, along with a hotel chalet complex, golf course, spa and a forest walk and trail. It is currently in the concept/design phase with construction work expected to commence within the 2014 year.

Forest walkway

This walkway will offer a visitor an opportunity to experience the forest and its complex ecosystem from above in amongst the trees. By raising the walkway off the ground, the forest vegetation can remain undisturbed. The steel and timber structure will be supported by the existing trees and will be wide enough for movement and viewing to occur simultaneously in comfort. This walkway will be integrated into the zoo and the various forest walking trails.

Events hall

Phase 2 envisions the provision of a multi-functional events hall for the Agodi Park and Gardens. This building will be positioned adjacent to the lake and will have a strong indoor-outdoor spatial relationship to allow the ambience and scenery of the park to add value to the held events. Its dynamic layout will allow a multiplicity of events, from weddings, music events to small conferences to occur successfully. An amphitheatre overlooking the lake will allow larger gatherings to enjoy staged events.

Promenade and retail

The envisioned promenade that will link the retail hub to the events hall will be of a timber construction positioned on the lake edge. This walkway will allow for a comfortable movement corridor with cafes, shops and restaurants feeding into it. The lake edge will have space for canoes and small paddling boats to be stored or moored. Activities such as fishing, cycling and other passive recreation uses connected to the restaurants and cafes will be accommodated into the design

Resort hotel

To further extend the utilisation of the Agodi Park and Gardens, a number of hotel chalets are to be constructed on the site. These hotel chalets will be sited within the forest, with natural materials, such as timber and stone, blending the structures into the landscape. The chalets will have a strong indoor-outdoor relationship with large glazed openings and decks to utilise the forests ‘sense of place’, creating a unique vacation experience for a visitor. Each chalet will be positioned so as to maximise their views into the park and gardens and their privacy.

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